The field of turbo-mixers is one of the most important field in terms of mixing and compounding of powders and granules.
Through Battaggion and Valtorta experience, the technical solutions have been improved to answer to the different needs in the different final applications of these machines. Starting from PVC, that’s its most important application, through the master-batches production, till the most special applications, like friction material compounding, all these processes have special design and proper manufacturing choices.   
The very high mixing speed of these kind of plants allow very high production volumes and fast feeding rates of the downstream line.
Our TSOR compact solution, give to the Customer the chance of having a perfectly compounded PVC together with the different powder and liquid ingredients, directly cooled for its direct use inside the subsequent extrusion lines.
Starting from the laboratory models till the biggest production models, Battaggion can answer to all the Customer demands, perfecting its design and the different technological choices for the final product to be processed.
Battaggion can offer different configurations:
  • Solutions for Ex-proof atmospheres
  • Feeding and dosing lines for powders and liquids
  • Special construction materials
  • Coating of the working edges with anti-wear materials
  • All the necessary accessories to the best use and efficiency of these plants