The MVO mixer is the most used solution in the homogenizing of the different powder and granule materials.
These kind of plants are used in the most various application whereas the product is not representing fragility to the fast action of the internal ploughs. In case the product presents these problems another solution would be to use our ribbon blenders, model ME.
The high speed mixer use allow, aside from the perfect homogenizing of the different powder and granule products, the possibility to add small and big quantities of liquids to be incorporated inside the processed product.
Through the action of some sprayers, positioned in the upper part of the mixing chamber in fact the liquid products can be nebulized inside the mixed mass, granting an homogeneous distribution inside the whole product.
Furthermore these sprayers can be positioned opposite to the choppers that avoid the creation of lumps and small masses due to a higher percentage of dispersed liquid.
From the pigments and coloured powders, through friction materials, till the food applications, this solution is one of the most used in the industrial field.
Another special application is the research one. In the chemical and industrial laboratories in general this kind of mixer grant the possibility to realize chemical reaction with all the needed process devices, among which:
  • Possibility to work under vacuum
  • Possibility of liquid injection
  • Possibility of special materials construction (Hastelloy, etc..) for the realization of chemical reactions
  • Ex-proof atmosphere design
  • Anti-wear coating of the ploughs’ working edges 
  • Solutions for an easier cleaning of the inside chamber
  • And more….