The ME mixer is one of the most used solution in the homogenization of different kind of materials in powder and granules.
In case of particularly fragile materials or some thermosensitive ingredients, the model ME grants a solid and ideal solution for the Customer demands.
Also known as slow speed mixer this machine is present in many different applications in all the industrial field in which it is requested to homogenize different production lots to present a final product with constant characteristics.
As per the High speed mixers, there is the possibility to inject a certain liquid percentage inside the batch in order to modify the characteristics of the final product.
From the homogenizing of different polymers to the pre-mix of rubber granules, the ribbon blenders answer to the requests of the Industrial world.
The MES configuration answer to an hybrid system between the ME and MVO model; its cylindrical shape is based on the MVO while the mixing blade profile is reproducing the ME one.
Through a conditioning system within which passes thermal oil, the chamber increase its temperature so to completely remove the humidity and any solvent from the product mass. In this case, the machine can be directly connected to  a condensation system to recover the evaporated solvent to be re-used an to avoid any pollution to the free air outside.
The machine can be equipped with:
  • Possibility to work under vacuum
  • Possibility of liquid injection
  • Possibility of special materials construction (Hastelloy, etc..) for the realization of chemical reactions
  • Ex-proof atmosphere design
  • Anti-wear coating of the ploughs’ working edges  
  • Solutions for an easier cleaning of the inside chamber
  • And more...