The container mixer, our model MRV, is one of the most usde solution in terms of mixing of powders and granules, especially in those application in which the colour and the formulation changes are very frequent.
Through this kind of solution it is possible to drastically reduce the production dead times between one production lot and the other, both for the east handling of the mixing tank and for their easiness of cleaning.
The container mixer MRV is divided in two main parts:
  • Fixed part with all the different system of tilting of the mixing tank and, in the most simple models, the electric panel, complete with PLC system and Touch panel for the management of the different mixing recipes to be realized.
The mixing blades and their motorized groups or group are part of this fixed system.
  • Mobile part that is composed by the tanks positioned on wheels, so to easily move and use them for the different formulations and for the different colours.
As per all our equipment, the container mixer grants a solution mostly answering the requested working safety features and can be installed also into explosion proof atmospheres, so to respect the latest ATEX norms.