The two roll mill remains until today one the most used and flexible machine for the laboratory trials both for polymeric materials and for natural and synthetic rubbers.
The film production, the colours check, the preparation of mechanical samples are just some of the functionalities of this machine.
The three models, MCC110x230, MCC150x300 and MCC200x450 want to answer to all the Customer demands and are built on single project.
The standard characteristics of our two roll mills are:
  • Heating or cooling of the cylinders depending on the product to be processed
  • Regulation of the working surface
  • Manual or automatic cylinders approach movement
  • Touch panel for the management of the process data
Following the safety standard requested from the norms today in force, our two roll mills are able to satisfy also the use necessity of machine operators.
By staying in this machine field, the three roll mills instead cover the necessity of products refining in the most various applications: from the cosmetic field to the industrial one they represent till today the most efficient solution for this use. For more information please refer to our three roll mill page in our Molteni website: