Following our kneaders and/or our Pressing Ram kneaders, the polymeric masses and the rubber masses can be extruded and pre-shaped through the use of our twin screw extruder.
Through the use of this system it is possible to divide in two parts the mixing, to be realized in out tilting tank kneader or in our pressing ram kneader, and the pre-shaping of the final product. In this way the process becomes more efficient and the line productivity.
The pre-forming process can be used to feed a gear pump that allows to complete the product compounding line, by obtaining a material already ready for the packing operations and for its final storage.
The twin screw extruder can be completed by:
  • Complete opening of the mixing tank through an hydraulic system, for its perfect cleaning
  • Free feeding hopper or directly coupled to the previous mixing system
  • Different manufacturing materials basing on the product to be processed
  • Direct coupling with the gear pump for the filtration of the compound
  • Possibility to couple the twin screw extruder with a pressing ram to well feed the product into the screws
  • Thermal conditioning system for keeping  the necessary temperature inside the machine