A new decade, but also new purposes and challenges for Battaggion group.

A new chapter is now opening for Battaggion. In fact, 2020 will be the year in which the renewed headquarter located in Bergamo is going to become officially the home of all the group members. Valtorta has already settled in the new site and soon also our division Molteni, specialized in Vertical and Planetary Mixers, will join us.

During the latest years, thanks to our staff composed by specialists, we have developed several complex and special projects, also in terms of dimensions, that have enriched our already wide portfolio. A tilting kneader of 10.000 liters, one of 5.000 liters, but also 1 and 3,5 liters designed for research tests in laboratory. Kneaders with discharge screw of 5.000, 4.000 and 2.500 liters, plants with filtration groups, special valves and vacuum systems. These are just few examples of our countless successful concepts.

We are already working to develop new plants which are going to be manufactured during the next few months, we always do our best to fulfill every single demand by our Customers by studying specific custom solutions. Battaggion never stops.

We constantly prepare to meet possible partners from all over the world, with the perspective to start thrilling projects and new collaborations together.

This opportunity is also given by our participation to the most important meetings for the application fields of our plants. During 2020, like every year, we'll be newly committed to several international fairs. For example, you can visit our hall in Düsseldorf from the 7th to the 13th of May, in occasion of the Interpack Show.

We are ready for the new challenges of this decade!